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Global Engish

Global English – General English for all Learners

(e.g. Culture, Grammar, Sports, Jokes, Phrases, Slang, Quotes, Listening, Pronunciation, Peace in the World, Climate Change, Personal Stories)

Workplace English

The Language of Workplaces

(e.g. What the Organisation Expects of You, Work Performance, Reaching Production Targets, Improving Quality, Health and Safety Issues, Graphs and Tables, Attendance, Housekeeping, + 3 more)

Technical English

English for Technicians and People Fixing Things

(e.g. Painting, Motor Mechanics, Boating and Marine, Building and Carpentry, Plumbing)

Business English

English for Doing Business

Business English – English for Doing Business (e.g. Business, Computers, Workplaces, Property)

Hotel English

English for Working in the Hotels and the Hospitality Industry

(e.g. Reception, Restaurant, Bar, Room Service, Pool)

Academic English

English for Tertiary Study (i.e. at Universities and Institutes of Technology)

(e.g. Tutorials on Learning English, Exams, Writing, Study Skills)

Job Search English

English for Getting a Job

(e.g. Networking, Telephoning Types of Jobs, Job Interviews, CVs, Application Letters + 4 more)

Health English

English for Nurses and Doctors

(e.g. Medicines, The Body, Aged Care, Nurse Talk, Doctor Talk, Care Giver Talk, Nutrition)

Retail English

English for Customer Service and Working in Shops or Airports

(e.g. Money, Food, Fashion, Products, Sizes and Weights, Customer Service, Internet Shopping)

Police English

English for the Police and Working in Keeping Suburbs and Cities safe

(e.g. Crimes, Police Talk, Descriptions, Traffic Police, Police Writing, Courts and Legal, Safety and Security)

Summary of the Three Language Levels

Level 1 – Elementary (the most frequent 1,000 words)

Level 2 – Intermediate (the most frequent 2,000 words)

Level 3 – Advanced (the most frequent 3,000 – 5,000)


Each quiz has an article or conversation and ten questions. The computer marks your answers immediate.

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